About Us

Tokkster was formed back in 2014. It has since grown rapidly and become one of the UK’s leading providers of printed banners, labels and exhibition stands.

We like to think that our success is due to three key points we firmly believe in:

  • Quality – Giving you the best quality printed products which are just as good as you expect
    • Price – Giving you quality without breaking the bank. We make sure we’re always price competitive to save you money
    • Service – We aim to look after you and your order every step of the way with first class customer service

    That’s why many businesses and organisations have come to us looking for exhibition stands, stickers, event banners and more. We’ve made sure that every client feels happy and would use us again in future.
    Hopefully we can make you feel the same way!


Tokkster is a free real-time communication platform that enables people who are on the same webpage to see and chat with each other! 

Tokkster is free and easy to install. Get Tokkster now and let your visitors share and have real conversations about your content!

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If you have any queries you can reach us from the contact form.