The Banner of Using the MFP

“The production of the banner using the multifunction device

Production of the banner is so far very time-consuming, was what also require technology.

It is by the production of a completely different process in the recent production services, we are an easy task.

It will be those of the general in the familiar by using a complex machine.


“The production method of the banner of using the composite machine

To tell the complex machine in the production of the banner and how to use, you will want to use the scanner function.

First, read by the scanner a pattern that is required, and data reduction.

This time it is not output in the large-format printer.

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“The feature of the banner production using a composite machine

When data is output in the large-format printer, it will be carried out in the paper that can be transferred to the cloth by heat.

By applying a heat treatment it together with the cloth, but not be ready pattern is transferred.

By using the multi-function device, which is why that only banner in the work of is completed.

“The benefits of banner production by using a complex machine

By the use of a general-purpose machine that complex machine, large-scale capital investment in the production of the banner that has become unnecessary, will be a big benefit.

Also, it is why also no longer needed special skills thanks to its easy task.

In other words, it is that it was able to perform the work anyone easily.

“Banner of the production is easy, thanks to the multi-function device

When performing banner production service, it became quite easy by using the MFP.

And it is why consisted inexpensiveness of its cost, it is possible to receive a request at a low fee.

Furthermore, delivery time also becomes dramatically shorter, is not that immediately began to simmer in the corresponding also to the urgent request.